DIY Christmas Ornament



It’s Christmas time so my son and I wanted to make a Christmas tree ornament. We had such a fun time doing this and I’m sure you will too. Here’s how to create this .
Products you need to make this : Air Dry Clay, Plate , Non toxic paints , Ribbon, and your little ones:).

Step 1 :  Take as much clay as you need and row it in a ball. Then flatten it out, you can make it as thick as you want. After your done you want to place the clay on a plate .


Step 2: Place your little one’s foot or hand on the clay then press down. (Don’t forget to make a hole on top so you can place it on the tree) Then let the clay dry.


Step 3 : After the clay is dry. Use Non-toxic paint and pick any color you and your child want to paint the clay.


imageStep 4: Take any color ribbon you like and put it threw the hole you created. Then you can take super glue to glue it together or tie a cute knot.


Step 5: Put your ornament on the Christmas tree.



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