Is Santa Claus Scary?


So yesterday my boyfriend and I took our son to a Christmas event. We had a really good time. They started the event by having Santa read a story to all the children. When we got there he was already half ways done reading. Yes I know we’re late birds, but we tryed our hardest to be on time. I guess we should of left our house earlier. So after story time with Santa it was time to eat. They gave out a bunch of yummy snacks like cinnamon rolls, cookies, peanut butter jelly sandwiches, and a lot of more goodies. I thought it was cute how they kept the food to the Christmas theme. After everyone ate, they started taking pictures of the kids with Santa Claus. They did it by last name, alphabetical order . Since my son’s last name is in the end of the alphabet we knew it was gonna be a while. So for all the kids that had to wait a while to be called up they had them do arts and crafts. The children made there own christmas tree ornaments. After they had called for our group to go up and we waited in line to take our son’s picture. As we were waiting in line, our son was watching the other kids cry or act scared to sit with Santa Claus. So when it was his turn to sit with Santa, he seemed to be a bit confused. He was just staring at him like if he didn’t know if he should like him or be scared of him. What ended up happening was when they took the picture, he was just staring at Santa and it kinda appeared as if he was trying to run away in the picture. What makes kids so afraid of Santa Claus? Is it the big beard? Is it the glasses? Maybe it’s the laugh?



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